Custom Inventory Management System

...CIMS can significantly reduce your inventory investment

We at HPS recognize that, to be successful, you need the highest quality products at the lowest possible total cost of ownership. Our CIMS program evolved from an in-depth study of available Kanban, JIT and other state-of-the-art systems. HPS CIMS programs are successfully used to manage the replenishment of individual components, both production and service kits as well as assembled components such as hydraulic cylinder heads and pistons. Many of our customers have found that CIMS can significantly reduce your inventory investment while streamlining your paperwork and material handling investments. You will have fewer dollars tied-up in inventory – and lower costs associated with purchase order processing, receiving, warehousing and order picking by as much as 90%.

At HPS we take pride in the fact that each CIMS program is unique – designed specifically to complement each customer's individual systems and business models.