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...a global leader in seal technology

HPS - West Deptford, NJ 08066 HPS is ISO 9001 Certified

In the years since our founding in 1975, HPS has risen to become a global leader in our focused market place. By forging a worldwide alliance of strategic partnerships with both world-class customers and suppliers, we have been able to create a company uniquely suited for the 21st Century.

As a global leader in seal technology, HPS has become a highly respected source of technical support and seal design for many of the world's most demanding OEMs – in Europe and the Pacific Rim as well as North America.

Our Quality Management Program has been recognized by many of the world’s leading equipment manufacturers by awarding us Certified Supplier Status. In addition HPS was one of the first US based seal companies to achieve ISO 9001-2008 registration.

Our global network of strategic partnerships enables us to offer the broadest possible product lines available in the seal industry. This breadth of products enables our solution development engineering teams to choose the optimum design for your application.

Global Leaders in Seal Technology

Many of todays most innovative seal designs in use at leading OEMs (in industries as diverse as construction and material handling, to transportation, fluid processing and instrumentation) are HPS’s products. Many of these customers, leaders in their own industries, consider HPS an extension of their own engineering department. Our solution development engineers, working in conjunction with our Mechanical Test Lab staff, offer several hundred years of combined experience in seal design and selection.

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Breadth of Products

HPS makes use of the widest possible range of manufacturing processes and materials. We offer a selection of dozens of unique thermoplastic compounds plus several hundred thermoset as well as dozens of PTFE blends. All these add up to a product selection unsurpassed in the seal industry today.

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Quality Management

HPS Seals Quality Management

As a global leader in the seal industry, HPS recognizes the importance of providing the finest quality products while reducing our impact on the environment.

We've implemented an ISO9001 quality and ISO14001 environmental management system to continually improve our products and processes, while doing our part to reduce pollution and waste.

HPS uses only the best designs, materials and certified suppliers to provide our customers with the best products that the industry has to offer.

Our inspection team uses the latest in advanced measurement technology to insure a consistent, high-quality product, that’s on-time, every time.

Material Testing

Material Testing Material Testing with FT-IR

HPS uses infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR) to insure that our molded products are manufactured to the correct material compound code each time.

Tensile testing is one of the most fundamental types of mechanical tests that you can perform on a material. HPS uses this test to determine how our products will react to forces in tension.

Measuring Capabilities

Material Testing
Material Testing
Material Testing

Our inspection lab contains advanced measuring equipment which allows our inspection team to effectively verify the finest of details, giving our customers a competitive edge.

Triad of Capabilities

HPS Triad of Capabilities

By forging a global alliance of strategic partnerships with world-class customers and suppliers, HPS has created a unique "Triad of Capabilities" - world-class technical support, an internationally recognized quality management system, and the widest possible product selection. Only a company such as HPS, offering the full "Triad of Capabilities" can offer the value added services, such as our proprietary CIMS (Custom Inventory Management System), demanded by our rapidly changing market place.